Business Application Services

Genesis TechSoft ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is unique state of the art complete order to cash solution system that ensures the automated fulfillment process of the orders procured to shipment execution for our business clients. The framwork of our system is designed & developed on the workflow supports methodology, which includes XML usage, Telesales, Web Technology, Electronic Database Interchange to name a few. The OMS can be configured easily with the Supply Chain Execution products.

Archive Management

The Archive Management from Genesis TechSoft is an integrated system to help our business clients and customers to gain greater business insights. Our Solution is in compliance with the increasing demands in the wide current competitive world. Our flexible SCM applications help to extend intelligence to reduce procurement and spend costs and to improve supplier financial performance & satisfaction through fact-based insight and efficiency. This enables customers to enhance supply chain, make informed and help in actionable decisions, and drive toward optimized performance across the enterprise. With Archive procurement and Spend Analytics, customers can optimize their supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, enabling executives, managers and front-line employees to improve cash flow and profitability to make better informed and actionable decisions.


Genesis TechSoft offers a complete vigil on your financial returns. Information regarding job order, components, items and sub-items, leaflet, Shim, elements, attachments and frame liners can easily be incorporated in it. Note of charge can also manage the product management. Moreover, the Engineering / Manufacturing Invoice can easily be raised.

Work Amelioration

Genesis TechSoft Work amelioration joists the facilitation of work order done to manufacture goods. The job Ticket supports any type of industrial/ Governmental/ Public/ private WOs. It can be integrated with sales orders or Account sheets and can be customised and tailor-made, as per the demand of the customers/clients. It can display list of raw materials, products, ingredient list, routing instructions, rates, amount, searching, sorting, field values, display, schedules, purge etc

Manufacturing Process Management (MPM)

Genesis TechSoft offers a complete soltion to your MPM. The process includes various options (customised/ tailor-made) of concept, layout, resource, walk-path assembly planning and analysis, work flow simulation, workload management, simulations, statistical process control, supervisory control and data acquisition and removes all hustle and bustle of coventional systems. This makes the system friendly and easy to use and understand.

Process Fabrication

Genesis TechSoft process fabrication (customized/tailor-made) is very critical aspect as we understand the core importance of evaluation relative to the business specifications and includes formulation, fabrication, scalability, packaging concepts, PLM, In-Line Management, New Product Management, Production cycle management, routing, ingredients, unit of measure, lot trace-ability and product & implementation pricing, Cost & quality management, Regulatory management, Product produce and discrete based on the business context.


Genesis TechSoft Asset is the application that is resourceful to any procurement process, streamlines the purchase order processing, using technology to automate routine tasks and makes policy compliance better. Strategic tasks related to sourcing and supplier management. Assist in purchases, makes buyer strong, productive, improves entire purchasing cycle and the management of supply base and chain.

Corporate Nucleus

At Genesis TechSoft, we firmly believe in innovative, focused, strong domain knowledge and expertise and timely deliveries which helped in building the confidence and long term relationships with our customers/ clients. We are determined to go beyond in quest par excellence.