Oracle Application Upgrade

Oracle EBusiness Suite has evolved over the years and Release 12 of the Suite offers great value and advantages to maximize return on investments for global corporations.
Upgrade allows an organization to leverage the new features, performance, compliance with industry regulations and usability enhancements, thereby increasing the efficiency of both Oracle Applications as well as business.
Genesis teams have been actively involved in several new upgrades and reimplementation projects with right from the oldest version of Oracle Applications to the current Oracle EBS Release 12.
In evaluating any upgrade, there are many factors to consider, such as support timeframes, functional capabilities, technical infrastructure, and underlying business needs. These factors are often complex and interrelated—all of which adds to the importance of determining the most appropriate upgrade strategy.

Key Capabilities

Upgrade Approach :
Genesis's Upgrade approach offers a unique blend of time, cost and benefits to organizations. We categorize the upgrades based on the level of complexity involved as Zero Distance Upgrade, Middle Distance Upgrade and Full Distance/Transformation Upgrade.

Upgrade Methodology :
Over these years, Genesis has created and honed a strong and robust project methodology for successful delivery of these projects – and the methodology that applies to Upgrade Projects is our own P4 Project Implementation Methodology. The P4 Methodology has strong Project Management capabilities driven by pre-defined roles and responsibilities with proactive risk and mitigation plans and change control procedures. The methodology remains fully governed by well-defined and mutually agreed business goals and critical success factors.